Icing the Competition – one step closer to submission

Icing the Competition has progressed much faster than I had anticipated. The old adage, “The road to true love never runs smoothly” certainly applies to this amazing couple.

Peri is a throwback to the era of hoop skirts and cotillions. She’s a genteel Southern woman who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. But she also has compassion and kindness, usually not speaking out of turn and has a delicate turn of phrase that keep her best friends on their toes.

Shawn is very much as rough-and-tumble as it gets. He’s headstrong, and even arrogant at times, which he uses to his advantage. His ex-wife’s betrayal blindsides him, shattering  his heart.

In the year between On Track with Icing and Icing the Competition, Peri and Shawn cross paths several times through Jacqui and Nick. Peri has harbored a secret crush from the day he walked into Jacqui’s corporate suite at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. She knows she’s not yet a blip on Shawn’s radar, but she’s okay with that. She’s patient, willing to wait for Shawn to heal from the damage his disastrous marriage has caused, and to make sure he’s ready to move on before before she lets him know how she feels.

When Shawn meets Peri at the art gallery, he’s inexplicably drawn to her. He can’t seem to figure it out, but something about her seems familiar. Only when they meet up again at Nick and Jacqui’s party does he realize where he’d seen her before. He hasn’t quite healed from his heartbreak – Lisa’s betrayal was just too great – but he knows he wants to know Peri on a personal level and decides to court her to see where things go.

I loved writing their story, though at first I had apprehensions. I wasn’t sure if Peri had what it takes to carry her own book. Boy did she prove me wrong! Peri may not be as forceful as Jacqui or Cami, and she enjoys blending in more than standing out. However, her strength comes from inside, a quiet confidence she’s steadily built from the knowledge that she can do anything her heart desires.

They’re with my beta readers right now, but my goal is to submit their story to my publisher sometime in early April. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Persephone and Shawn’s journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.