Icing the Competition


Icing the Competition is book two in my Caked with Pleasure series, after On Track with Icing.

Persephone Williams has a fairly quiet life. The most excitement she’d had was when she moved from Blowing Rock to Charlotte and was hired on at Jacqui’s Bakery as a cake decorator. Little did she know, her life was about to get more exciting. When her boss, and best friend, falls for a super-sexy stock car driver, Persephone finds herself immersed in the racing culture. In addition to hobnobbing with the racing elite, Jacqui is invited to compete on Persephone’s favorite cake-decorating competition show, Cake Fights. Never imagining she’d get the chance to be on the show, Persephone accepts the opportunity to be Jacqui’s assistant.

After his marriage fell apart, race car driver Shawn Sheldon had sworn off women. He came home from a race early to find her in his bed with two other men, and he’d immediately kicked her out. Thanks to a stringent prenuptial agreement, Lisa left the marriage with what few possessions she’d walked in with, and forfeited all rights to his racing fortune. Shawn is so close to winning his first-ever series championship, and he can’t afford to let anything distract him. His best friend encourages him to never stop fighting for happiness.

However, when Persephone and Shawn have a chance encounter at a gallery opening, Shawn abandons his self-imposed dating hiatus. Persephone, with her red-gold hair and sparkling sapphire eyes, has captured his attention for many reasons. Not only is she an intelligent woman with a great sense of humor, Shawn discovers she is the best friend of his best friend’s fiancee and their paths had crossed several times before the gallery opening. Persephone is concerned about being his rebound, as well as his life in the media spotlight. Can Shawn convince her that he’s ready to take another chance on love… and that he’s worth the risk?

Hugs. Men's arm around the woman's waist. Lovers in the arms. Man embraces girl.