On Track with Icing

My first full-length novel, book one of the Caked with Pleasure series, was accepted by Beachwalk Press, and it’ll be released early in 2016. Stay tuned for more news!

In the meantime, here is the tentative back cover copy for Jacqui and Nick’s story.

Jacqueline Jacobson has lost two things she loved dearly – her husband and her child. After her miscarriage, her husband, prominent district attorney and society patron, Tyler Jacobson leaves her. But not before telling her she’s damaged goods and no longer worthy of love. In their divorce she’s awarded ownership of his bakery. But the bakery was on the brink of ruin, and Jacqui, with the help of her two best friends and her brother, pours all of the love and nurturing into turning the failing business into a success.

Nicholas Barrister is at the pinnacle of his racing career, on the cusp of winning his third Championship title. His best friend and fellow racer is a week away from getting married to a woman he loves. As best man, Nick is responsible for the bachelor party. Finding love was the least of his priorities. One afternoon in early October, Nick went into Jacqui’s Bakery for a cake, not realizing his life would change forever. Striking up a conversation with the beautiful, plus-sized owner, Nick discovered Jacqui was a refreshing change from the sycophantic pageant queens he’d dated in the past and convinced her to see if their relationship has a future.

With Nick by her side, Jacqui finds the strength get her life back on track after her ex-husband’s betrayal, and finally believes that she’s worthy of love and respect. She finds the inner strength to confront the demons of her past. But there is one final secret that she needed to tell Nick. But can she tell him first, before someone else does it for her?


One thought on “On Track with Icing

  1. Update *Yes, I realize this is about 5 months late* : On Track with Icing was released on January 18, 2016. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’m currently awaiting news on the acceptance of book 2, Icing the Competition.


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